Finding the Inner Peace

As I have been sitting on a low wall on top of the Twin Peaks, reading one of my favorite books ever, I felt myself in an inner peace. I did not feel the urge to listen to music like I normally always do. Simply sitting there, enjoying the view over San Francisco and reading Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman, time has become an irrelevant factor.

It was the first time in awhile, that I did not have the feeling that there is work waiting for me. All I felt was a relaxing pleasure and inner peace. Maybe it was due to the book, that I felt on ease that much. It is already the second time that I read it. Actually it is a very spiritual book: „A book that changes lives“ is written on the cover. Yeah, I guess it let the reader think and rethink about himself and his life.

Way of the Peaceful Warrior is a book that I really recommend for everybody who thinks that there is something missing in his life, that there could be more than how it just is. And also for all the others who think there life is perfect – this book will show you, that it is not.

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